My car is playing games with me!

In Jan. of this year 2011 I had to replace the original battery on my 2007 Chrysler Pacifica. Ok a couple of weeks ago i had problem starting my car. The enegine wouldn’t crank over or start. After several tries the engine turned over. Several days later I had the same problem, thinkin that I might just might be turning the key too fast I left it alone. then several days later had the same problem. Then I took it to Pepboys to have them check out what was going on, after the diagnosic check , the found out that the battery i purchased in Jan. was ded. I took the battery back to Auto zone w/ no questioned asked they replaced the battery. Again several days later, the problem happen again. So this time I too the car to a Chrysler dealer to see if they can find the problem. After they check all the electrical compents such as the starter, battery alternator etc…the found nuffin wrong, The mechanic try to simulate the turning of the ignition and found nuffin . wrong. Several day aftet that , while getting off work one nite, the car wouldn’t tunr over at all , now the dash board is showin I have power but the car isn’t crankin over. after 5-8 cranks the car starts and for a few days the car starts up w/ no problem. Now this morning the issues is back, it took 3 cranks beofre the car start.

do u have any idea what’s goin on?

Check the condition of the battery cables, make sure they are clean and tight. Also check to make sure the cables are tight and clean at the grounding point and at the starter. Many times there will be corrosion on the battery posts or cable terminals that allows some power to pass through, but not enough to start the car.

I have power but the car isn’t crankin over. after 5-8 cranks the car starts

Which is it?

  • the car isn’t cranking over

  • after 5-8 cranks the car starts


Out of curiosity, have you been in an accident with it just prior to this hapening? Been rear ended, or hit someone in the front?

You need to clarify what you mean by cranking, and starting. they are two different words, with quite different meanings. It would help to know what is happening, correctly and clearly described.

@ cappy208, Once to twice a week, my car will not start when I turn on the ignition, but if i turn the key from anywhere from 3-6 times it will start and for the rest of the day I have no problems. Then several days later the problem happens again. However when I turn the key I do have power, the windows, radio etc all works. Now have have notice that sometimes, the car alarm have been disarmed and the car door is unlocked

@ Joseph, when I turn the key the car doesn’t start, I do have power in the window, seats etc, after turning the key several times the car will usually starts