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05 mountaineer lost power to window, radio, gas gauge at once

My girlfriends son and friend were driving my girlfriends 05 mountaineer when all of a sudden they lost power to windows, gas gauge, radio and map lights. After doing some research, fuse # 17 is blown and keeps blowing when trying to change. I believe it has to do with Battery Saver Relay. All other fuses are fine. Multiple websites says to start disconnection everything running on that fuse. I know my way around a vehicle with a little help and would rather try to fix problem myself before taking somewhere who will charge an arm and leg.

Any help is good help if anyone has anything to share!
Thanking you in advance

that is good advice. I’d start with the radio. You need a wiring diagram, which you can get from a service manual. Or perhaps you can talk someone at a dealer’s parts department into printing one for you.

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Looking at the factory service manual, the problem is most likely with the micro processor in the instrument cluster.

Fuse #17 supplies power to the micro processor which controls the primary sides of the accessory delay relay and the battery saver relay.

So if the micro processor causes the fuse to blow, the contacts in the relays open up and you have no power to those accessories.


I had the same problem on a previous car and the trouble turned out to be a minor short in the radios wiring after i repaired that i never had that problem again

If you could post a wiring diagram of that section you might get some more ideas of the posters here. Something must be blowing the fuse so disconnecting all the items on that circuit one by one until the fuse no longer gets fried makes common sense. But that might be easier said than done. A wiring diagram might show a short-cut.