05 explorer sport trac

my tachometer, speedometer, doesn’t work, and my odometer displays, dash, dash, dash, then the next day you start it up and everything works fine, also sometimes when im driving, it will work fine after hitting a bump, where should I start?

With the vehicle speed sensor harness connectors.

Bad wire connections on the back of the dash cluster. The cluster is 100% electronic, and any bad electrical connection will make the gauge cluster act up. Hitting bumps that restore function is a classic sign of bad wire connections.

ok, but the dash, dash, dash, display on the odometer, seems like its something else them the connections on the cluster,

The dash cluster is just a display device to feed you information. The actual measurement if engine speed, vehical speed and distance travelled is calculated within the ECU. The ECU then sends signals to the dash cluster to drive the tachometer, speedometer, and the odometer display. If the dash cluster loses contact with the ECU, it will display dashes on the odometer, and the speedo and tach will be at zero.

thanks so much, ill keep you posted

Seems as if the circuit boards can crack and replacing the cluster fixes the problem. I would try reseating the connectors first and cleaning any connections. While you have it removed you can tap on it and see if that makes things work again. Lots of people have problems with the cluster on the Ford forums. Here is a link that shows the fuses and ckt, but since jarring it in a pothole fixes it I don’t think fuses are your problem. http://www.justanswer.com/ford/4h88r-ford-explorer-limited-2005-ford-explorer-fuse.html

ok, thank you very much