Speedometer/cluster freeze

I drive a 98 neon and after having some work done the speedometer stopped working(drops to 0) randomly and remains that way. Sometimes the rest of the dash freezes as well. Is this going to require me to replace the gauge cluster? The PCM has been replaced so any other ideas would help greatly

Could you be more specific about what’s happening? What kind of work was done? When you say the “rest of the dash freezes”, what exactly is happening?

You may have to replace the gauge cluster. If it’s just the speedometer, you may have a bad speed sensor in the transmission or a bad connection to it.

Chryslers of that era had issues with their printed circuits for the gauge cluster. The easiest fix will be replacing the gauge cluster. If you can’t swing that for a while, try swinging your fist onto the top of the dash when the gauges start acting up. Many times, this will get them to straighten out for a little while.

I had suspension work, exhaust work, belts replaced. While driving the rest of the cluster will cut out like there is no power, or everyhing will just freeze in place. Banging it sometimes helps I when they freeze in place, but that’s it.

Thanks for the help. I looked online for some information about the circuit cards and found they have bad solder points. There is a how to on YouTube that explains the points to fix. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.