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'05 Chevy Cavelier fuel smell

Just putting this up here for the archives if anyone searches for this issue. This may be common knowledge to real mechanics but it’s the first time I became aware this part exists.

After 100K miles; my wifes Cavelier developed a very strong smell of feul inside the cabin. Issue turned out to be the O rings on the Feul pressure regulator had failed. This is on the top front of the engine directly above where the oil filter cap is. It’s about the size of a visine bottle. Fuel line comes in one side and it’s connected to a long silverish tube. Mileage had dropped from the 360-380 range to about 245 per tank. Popped hood and ran the car and saw the feul running down around the silver tube.


Got a high pressure blast right to the eyes. :frowning:

If any real mechanics would like to add helpful info; please feel free.