Intermittent Gas smell

My 04 Chevy Venture has started smelling of gas when I drive. It doesn’t happen all the time. I can drive to a destination and smell nothing, park, and a few moments later leave and smell the gas. I have had the fuel lines checked and was told there are no leaks. The smell is stronger when I have the vents pointed at me, but if I switch to the floor vents, it diminishes. Any ideas?

My 04 venture has been doing the same thing. Need to get it checked out. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? Not sure if its safe to drive.

You may want to check if you have an exhaust leak, especially at the manifold gaskets and the manifold flange gaskets.

Have someone inspect the fuel injectors O-rings for leakage. What they want to look for are witness stains below the injectors where gas may been leaking.

It takes very little gas on a hot intake manifold to create that odor.


It was the fuel pressure regulator that gave me that same issue. You will notice it leak just a little when you first start it for the day.

Its on top right of engine above the air intake.

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