Gas fume issues

The last 3 times my husband has come home with his Chevy Trailblazer after fueling, it smelled up our 2-car garage with gas fumes and the smell even seeped into our mudroom. One time, he had the door from the garage and mudroom open and the gas fumes seeped into our home. He says it’s because he spilled a little bit of gas on the car while fueling. He took it to Goodyear and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it but I’m not buying it as I can’t imagine spilling a little bit of gas on your car while fueling would smell that bad. It’s only the day he fuels that we have this odor. In addition, he tends to top off his tank so I’m wondering if that is part of the issue. Please advise.

First tell him to stop topping off the tank. That’s a good way to damage some expensive parts. The owner’s manual has a warning about that for a good reason.

Topping off the tank could be the cause of the odor. The vapor recovery system is designed to deal with gasoline vapor only, not liquid gas. When the tank gets topped off it’s possible for some of the liquid gasoline to make its way into the vapor recovery system.

Not only can it cause a gasoline odor, liquid gasoline in the system damages the charcoal canister (which is part of the vapor recovery system), and the canister is expensive to replace.

Breathing gasoline fumes is extremely unhealthy, not to mention the possibility of an explosion. Many houses have burned down after a car in the garage caught fire.

If hubby insists on topping off his tank maybe he should park the truck outside. Away from the house.

Thank you. I knew it wasn’t good, I just know why. I caught him starting to top of my tank last night and stopped him from doing so and then I thought, I wonder if this is the issue or at least part of the issue with the gas fumes in our garage. Thanks again!!!

Wholeheartedky agree with the others about topping off the tank and its potential consequences.

Another likely possibility is a leaking fuel injector “O ring”. It’s an elastomer ring that seals the injector and prevents fuel peakage. They run about $5 apiece.

How old is the Trailblazer? If there’s even the smallest leak from the gas tank, you’ll smell it before you’ll see it, especially if it’s near the top. I just did a “fuel odor” repair where there was nothing dripping underneath, but when I opened the fuel pump access cover, there was a gas soaked mouse nest sitting on top of the tank next to a chewed up fuel line. Have your hubby stop over-filling the tank. If it still stinks, have another mechanic look at it. Any fuel leak could be dangerous.

Thank you so much for your response. I greatly appreciate it. The Trailblazer is a 2004. I’m trying to talk him into taking the car to the dealership for them to look at it. I read him your response. Thanks again!

Thank you for your response. I greatly appreciate it. I read your message to my hubby. Thanks again!