05 6.0 swapped to an 01 tahoe

Hi, I have a 05 GMC 6.0 engine. I want to install it in an 01 Tahoe. What is involved with the swap?

The engine is almost a bolt-in. The 01 cable operated throttle body needs to be used instead of the 05’s drive by wire. Not sure if the fuel system for the 05 is return-less or not so you may also have to use the 01’s fuel rails with the 05’s injectors. I think they are the same dimensions as the 01. The 01’s ECU can be used, it will compensate for the bigger engine but I’d suggest you might want a tune done on it.

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The ECU was my main question. I do have everything including the truck the 6.0 is coming out of. Wasn’t sure if I needed to pull that ECU. I figured it would need to be turned requardless.

Couldn’t hurt to have an extra ECU. A possible hitch might be 58 tooth crank reluctor wheel vs the older 24 tooth in your 01. I read that the switch from 24t to 58t was in 06. Not sure what engine is in your Tahoe, 5.3 maybe. The computer will likely start and run fairly well without a tune since to 6.0 is so close.

Yes it is a 5.3. the thing is the oil pump is going on the 5.3. a pain to replace. Plus it has 275k on the motor. The 6.0 has a tranny issue. Driving down the road and the truck stopped pulling and the rpms redlined. I’m sure it’s either the tranny filter got knocked off or a/multiple solenoids went bad. Just more than I can afford at the moment. Figured a swap is cheaper, and probably quicker than changing the oil pump. I appreciate all the info. Thank you.

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