Replaced GM gear engagement

I have a 1996 Tahoe, with the 4L60E. I recently replaced the transmission that was in the truck (which was a sedan model of the 4L60) with what I believe to be the correct 4L60E. I put in two quarts of fluid in the converter,and another 9-10 quarts in it once it was installed. Everything is hooked up correctly, but with no hint of engagement. The tranny doesnt even act like it wants to go in gear. I pulled the pan and the fluid does not seem to be circulating…any ideas?

The transmission that you put in the Tahoe, was it also a 96 model 4L60E?? Was the replacement transmission a used one, a rebuilt one, a reman??? Did the torque converter fully seat into the trans??


Other than a lack of detailed info, surely the torque coverter bolts were not forgotten?