Replace a 2002 avalon 3.5L V6 engine

can I replace a 2002 avalon 3.5L V6 engine with a more recent 6 cylinder engine from Toyota

Replacing an engine with one from a different model/model year is not as easy as it once was.
In addition to any other considerations, the car’s ECM (the electronic device that regulates engine functions) has to be 100% compatible with the new engine.

And, because the ECM communicates with the TCM (the electronic device that regulates transmission functions), if you use the ECM from the “donor” car, that ECM has to be 100% compatible with the TCM on your present car. ECMs and TCMs from a different model/model year have a strong likelihood of having slightly different programming from the one in your current car.

If you want to replace the engine, my recommendations are as follows:

Use an engine from an Avalon of the same model year
Only consider replacing the engine if everything else on this 11 year old car is in good condition. For example, if the transmission was not serviced as it was supposed to be (a fluid change at least 3 times so far), then the transmission will be the next item that needs to be overhauled. At that point, buying a different car would probably be more economically viable.

The 2002 Avalon had a 3.0L engine. The newer Avalon’s have a the 3.5L V6. As VDCdriver mentioned…replacing an engine is no longer as easy as it was 30+ years ago. It would be far cheaper to trade your Avalon in and buy a newer Avalon with the newer engine.

Why do you want to replace the engine?? Is there a problem??

never heard if someone can call their insurance co and tell them i ruined my motor by mistake? is their idiot insurance? what if you knocked over shelf in garage and trashed car hood? 1000 for new hood, paint and ins will cover that. comprehensive. i did something bad and ins will cover it. but i ruined motor by mistake and ins will not cover it. hmm.

Mike–This should answer your question:

No reasonable way to put a ‘different’ engine in a modern car. Too many computer/electronics/sensor/emissions issues.

Mike--This should answer your question:

I saw that one AFTER I commented to this one.