04 titan, airbag light?

my ball-and-chains’ airbag light came on in her 2004 nissan titan, and now she’s worried it might go off while she is driving. is this a rational concern? why would the light come on anyway? is there supposed to be some type of “maintenance”

done for airbag circuitry? or is this just a computer “glitch” that may or may not go away with a computer reset?

USUALLY the light comes on when a sensor is malfunctioning, or more often the “clock spring” in the steering wheel is not making proper contact. Someone with a good scan tool (not the kids at Autozone) can check it out for you.

If the light is on, the system is in what is called “fail safe” mode. That means that it CAN’T go off accidentally. In fact it can’t go off at all.

MG is correct. Now if you value that ball and chain, I suggest you urge her to get it fixed As Soon As Possible as it may save her life some day, if it is working, which it is not now.