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2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser - Airbag light

I bought this car for my son, it’s his first car and I want him to be safe. I just don’t know about one thing, the car air bag light stays on all the time. Please tell me what to do, he likes this car but if the light stays on how do I know if it will work or not, or can I make the light go out? I just don’t need it to work while he is driving down the road.

So the light stays on at idle . . .

the airbag control module has detected a fault

You’re going to have somebody read out the code . . . Autozone might do it for free

Write down the code and report back, please

Does your state have safety inspections . . . if so, I suspect the car will fail

If the light is on, it is telling you thst the air bag will not work. I had a van that was only driven onve a week and if had an intermittent aor bag light. When I started driving it more, the light stopped co,imhg on.