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Warning light? poltergeist?

Love my 2007 Buick LaCrosse. It has just under 40,000 mi. Oil gets changed regularly, etc. Never had any real problems (knock wood). Past six months or so, the airbag symbol lights up for no apparent reason, stays on a little while, goes off, maybe comes back on again same day, maybe not for a week or two. Took it to local Buick dealership service department twice; they can’t find a reason & said that the computer check doesn’t even show it coming on. Should I be concerned? Will airbags deploy if/when needed? Don’t know what to try next, if anything. Thanks, guys!!

The only way to find these things is to drive into the service bay with the light on…When the light is on, more than likely, the system is not working…

You Should Be Concerned.

You could have a defective “clockspring” (in the steering wheel) or a problem with a sensor or module. When that light is on the air bag is probably inoperative.

Try racking the tilt steering up and down while turning the steering wheel back and forth and see if you can trigger the light. That could narrow things down.

Be sure every complaint is documented and get a copy, in writing, from the dealer.


Some GM Vehicles, Including 2006 - 2009 Buick LaCrosse Vehicles Develop Intermittent Air Bag Lights.

Sometimes the problem is caused by a loose, missing, or broken CPA (Connector Position Assurance) retainer at the air bag (for the one indicated by DTC) and a poor connection. Dealers have a bulletin about this.

Since the dealer can find no DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) then you will likely need to get to the dealer when the light comes on and have them scan body codes.