2007 Fusion: SRS/Airbag light on, staying solid?

Hello, I recently bought a 2007, with the airbag light on. Battery appears to be in pretty good shape, and was recently disconnected for maintenance. The light has been on since before I bought the vehicle.

Upon startup: the light stays on a moment, flashes off a single time for a couple of seconds, and then re-appears, staying solid for as long as the vehicle is on. Any clue what could be causing this? I know my year has the airbag recall, of which there is no remedy (yet), but can I use that as a justification for at least getting a diagnosis?

Thank you!

The light means there is a failure of some component in the airbag’s control system. The light will not come on because of Takata inflators. The good news is the dangerous Takata inflator won’t hurt you. The bad news is the airbag won’t deploy in an accident to save your life.

I doubt Ford will diagnose it for free, but what do you have to lose by asking? Take it in and find out what is actually wrong so they work when you need them.

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