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04 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Reverse won't work


I have an issue with my Jeep. The other day my wife pulled in front of the house and put the Jeep in reverse to back it in. When she did that nothing happened. the engine would just speed up like it was in neutral. After further inspection the transmission seems to be doing something when you put it into reverse (you can feel it lightly engage) but no reverse. All the forward gears work fine and shift fine. Fluid is good. No smoking or grinding or any noises that would indicate a problem. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Automatic or manual? How many miles on your Jeep? When was the last time the transmission fluid changed?

Has anyone checked the linkage?

it is an Automatic, 90,000 miles. I’m not sure when the fluid was changed b/c i have recently bought it but my dad check it and said it was okay. i’m not sure what you mean by linkage but i did take a quick look underneath and the shifter is connected and seems to be working properly.

Reverse problems will require removal and disassembly 99% of the time. If the fluid level is good and the linkage is also good you will need to remove and disassemble the transmission to repair it. The thing about reverse is that it is all hydraulic, there is nothing electronic that has to happen in order for reverse to work. If reverse is not working, then the transmission has to be disassembled.