2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Does not like reverse when cold

When temperature falls below 40, car will not shift into reverse. It instantly goes into Park and the engine light comes on. Once the engine warms up, I am then able to shift it into reverse, but the engine light stays on for up to three more start ups until it goes out. The problem is difficult to replicate when brought in for service, and no software updates have corrected the problem. After 6 years of dealing with the issue, I have learned that once started, if I run the engine by pressing the accelerator lightly for about 20 secs, it will then go into reverse with no issue. I have also learned to listen to the engine run, and can determine the sound of the engine when it can be successfully put into gear. Other than that problem, The car has been very reliable, with no issues while driving or shifting into various gears. Living in a very cold climate, however, I experience the problem regularly, so it can be very annoying if I am in a hurry.

If the CEL is coming on then you need to get code read by someone to get an idea what is causing this .