04 Jaguar X-Type Question

I have an 04 Jaguar X-Type 3.0. I purchased it a year ago and have used it as a weekend car only. My daily driver needs replacing, and I am thinking about trading in my Jag when I purchase a mid-size car for daily use. I am torn two ways: one, I like the Jag overall, and everyone thinks it is a very classy car and two, it is 8 years old - it could conceivably be troublesome in the future. Should I trade the Jag for a Kia? LOL KBB value is around 8k.
Thanks for your input.

This is a question that only you can answer, because it is about feelings and emotion. If you trade the Jag, there goes your “classy” car. How do you feel about that? If you really don’t care then trade it. At 8 years old it isn’t depreciating much anymore so it really doesn’t cost you much to keep it. Your call.

If you don’t have the money for a decent daily driver without trading the Jag, then you don’t have a choice anyway.

You might get $8000 if you sell it. Trade is more likely around $6400 in my zip code. I doubt that yours will change the price much.

How interesting that an 8 year old Jaguar is worth about the same as an 8 year old Camry.

In 10 years the Camry is worth more.

I’d suggest sleling the one that needs replacing and using the Jag as a daily driver. Unless there’s something about the Jag that you’re neglecting to mention.

In thirty years, I predict the jag will be worth a lot more that either the Camry or Kia, if it is in good shape then.

An 04? I’ll take that bet. I’ll bet lunch. Of course, the Camry and perhaps the Kia will probably still be driven daily.

You’re on, and I hope I’m around to collect. And I hope I have the teeth to eat it with if I am.

Me too.

If I owned a 2004 Jaguar, you probably couldn’t get me out of it. Cars are supposed to be enjoyed. I would keep driving the Jaguar as a daily driver until it wears out. Keep up the recommended maintenance and enjoy the ride.

“How interesting that an 8 year old Jaguar is worth about the same as an 8 year old Camry.”

That is because this model “Jaguar” is actually a Ford Mondeo (European version of the widely cursed Ford Contour), albeit with nicer upholstery and a Jaguar name plate. Once the Brits figured out the real nature of this car, sales in the UK plummeted, and the bulk of the sales for this model were in the US where folks were less aware of the VERY plebian origins of this model.

Funny, it doesn’t look like a Mondeo. The 3.0 engine is the same one as the Mondeo used, but you could also get a 4.0 V8 DOHC 32 valve similar to the 4.6 engine used in the Lincoln Mark VIII. The 3.0 also had DOHC, 24 valves.

“That is because this model “Jaguar” is actually a Ford Mondeo …”

I used to hear similar complaints about my Porsche 914. It was just a VW, after all. But VW parts weren’t interchangeable and the parts built in a VW plant still cost the same as any other outrageous Porsche part. On the plus side, it was a lot more fun to drive than any VW on the road at the time.