Looking for a new (to me) 2004 Jaguar XJ8

Ray, I think I might be the little old lady in Pasadena except I live in Tucson. I am 84. Here’s what I want to ask you. I have always been a car person and so was my husband who has been dead for 15 years. We had several XJ 8’s thru the years. I still love the body style of those built 2004 and 05. I bought a XE25T 2018 last year but didn’t really care for it so I sold it after 9 months to a friend. Now I am trying to decide what to get…I think I will take my time and try to find a XJ8 in pretty good shape. 04 or 05. I know it will be 15 years old. But I know a pretty good mechanic that I trust so I’m thinking of doing it. What do u think? I would even do a complete paint job if necessary. Thanks and I miss you and your brother’s show. Sorry he passed away but sounds like you are keeping busy.

Ray is not on this site that we know of but a lot of car nut’s are I think if you want to do it it is a good idea if you have the money & are still in good health go for it.

Pay your mechanic to look it over before you buy it.

yep, a repaint in ariz. should be easy to find a low miles version as lots of retired folks drive much less than working adults. though, a low miles jag might be the result of it being in the shop a lot? or waiting for repairs? head up to phoenix. more folks with money.

It’s very likely going to be unreliable and expensive to maintain.

Be sure you keep a 2nd car to drive when the Jag is in the shop.

Just something about the AJ-8 engine

Get the car you want, you have a trusted mechanic to check the car out for you and you’re aware of the costs to maintain the car.

Buy the car that’s in the best condition you can find for the budget and take care of it.

My next door neighbors have owned a beautiful 2002 Jaguar XJ8 Vanden Plas for over 12 years. 4.2L 4 cam supercharged. V8. It has only suffered a problem with the supercharger. The dealer estimate was $2,000 parts and $2,000 labor. Shop labor rate was $220 per hour. Yikes!!! He bought the new Eaton supercharger for $900 and installed it himself. Of course he was a master automobile, motorcycle, and aircraft mechanic with an incredibly equipped shop with everything imaginable including a lift. If OP has had XJ8s wants another XJ8 and can afford it why not. “If it makes you happy. It can’t be that bad”. Cheryl Crow.