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2004 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 liter engine

Does anyone know if the timing chain and water pump problem on the Dodge Intrepic 2.7’s was solved before 2004? I was told yesterday by a mechanic that Dodge corrected this problem in the Intrepid 2.7’s in 2002 or at the latest 2003. I know there was/is an “oil sludge” problem with the 2004’s and that is what I believe I have now since my oil light comes on now after the car warms up for a few minutes and I’m idling (oil light goes off when I hit the gas).

the waterpump is suspect at your cars mileage. since you have to remove the timing chain to replace the water pump; why not replace it too? two birds/one stone concept.

although the dealership says this is OK, i would be suspect of this timing chain.

to make a long reply make sense:

  1. find out if the engine has the oil sludge problem. (and damage from it or not)

  2. find out if the oil pump is putting out the correct pressure.

  3. replace the timing chain and water pump (if your local mechanic reccommends it.)

if #1 does exist and there IS damage to the engine my advice is to throw the engine away (upon a qualified mechanics’ inspection) (and save all the $$$$ for the timing chain and water pump.)

if #1. can be determined to not exist, then go ahead with # 2. (and #3. if desired)

#2 can be caused by #1. but #1 is NOT caused by #2. the symptoms are similiar, but cause is different; so before you spend $$ on stuff that is unrepairable have it checked out.

Thanks so much again! That makes sense too.

The big issue with the early 2.7’s was the timing chain tensioner. It would freeze and then the chain would skip and the valves would bend. The problem with the gen II engines is the main bearings. Your best bet might be to go with a thicker oil, try a diesel oil like Rotella 15w40. The diesel oils have some very important lubricants that are missing from the new SM oils. This will help retain what’s left of your bearings and they may help de-sludge your engine as well.

I wish I would have seen your post awhile ago I probably could have helped you more than likely it’s to late now most of these guys answer with what they have read or heard I have this engine like you I didn’t know much about it until last year when my water pump went out got a lot of bad info on the internet the biggest one was how to prime the tensioner anyhow I changed the pump and of course from the pump leaking my engine was loaded with sledge so after I put her back together about 50 miles later my oil light came on so I went online was told when I had it apart should have changed everything so I bought the kit oil pump chains guides tensioners but to change oil pump you have to pull the pan to get the pickup tube and guess what the screen was blocked chunks of carbonized sludge put everything back together treated the engine with Auto RX pulled valve covers last week engine clean no sludge been running great since then its best to look at things and go from there I’ve had the car since 2005 done little maintenance no problems except water pump don’t care what they say its a good engine