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04 dodge ram 2500 gas "no bus" signal on odometer

I have a 2004 dodge ram 2500 gas engine.

I got a “no bus” on the odometer and all the dash lights went on. Engine runs fine. Turn off engine odometer stays on but shows mileage. 1 week later and now solid engine light stays on as does the odometer display. Dodge mechanic not sure but wants to replace cluster module at $800 for a guess only. So not sure what to do. I had check all I could with fuses and connections and seemed fine so took to dodge as last resort.

Appreciate the help.

I did not get any replies and I have my truck back from Dodge so this is what happened. They said that all indications where some issue with the cluster controller and recommended I replace that at $850 plus but they would not guarantee it would fix it. The mechanic clear the computer module ( lack of better word but he reset everything). I decided I am going to take back the truck and has been weeks no issues yet. So seems like a fluke so far. All I can say is unless the mechanic is willing to guarantee the fix and remove the part it it does not fix a problem DONT LET THEM DO IT. Why pay money for something that may or may not work.

As long as the vehicle performs the function it was designed to perform, I simply ignore all the computer generated nonsense…Who CARES what the odometer says??

That is what is all came down to in the end. I talked to the mechanic and he finally told me its not that big an issue and worse case some instruments may not display right for the oil or the odometer. But that not worth dropping that kind of money. One other thing is that the cluster controller most likely would be refurbished but they actually could not confirm that. I would have to buy the part and leave the vehicle so they can send it back first. I dont get that at all. As I only use this as a work truck on my property be staying home if this happens again and not to the dealer.