01 Dodge 3500 cluster reads NOBUS


I have a 3500 Dodge 15 passenger Ram Van. When running it suddenly completly dies all gages zero, cluster reads NOBUSS. It will crank normaly. After a while I can hear the fuel pump realy activate and gages resume to normal. It happens when Hot or cold it does not matter. Sometimes it just simply wont start from cold state, same cluster symtoms. When running and hooked to scanner no trouble codes, then dies, scanner reads no connection. I have wiggled ever connection I can find under hood and dash, including ignition switch checked all fuses for corrossion, no results. Recent repairs in last year. Ignition coil, TPS, I replaced the crank sensor as recomended by another mechanic to solve this problem. Other than that the van has had no problems. Mileage is under 95000.


no buss,means one module can not talk to another,go to the dealer,everything on that van relies on the cluster.so to say its the brains of the outfit.

good luck.