Engine Warning Light on 2000 Dodge 3500 with Cummins



My wife started our truck the other day and the check engine light, abs, and low fuel light came on, no gauges worked, and ‘nobus’ appears where the electronic odometer read out belongs. Has anyone encountered this before? What was it and how did you fix it?


My computer knowledge makes me think that “Nobus” means no communication to the computer, or some sort of computer failure. Does it mention anything about this in the owner’s manual?

If not, I think you’re gonna have to get to a dealer for this one. It sounds a bit over the head of Joe’s Garage down the street.


The bus is a pair of tisted wires that the different modules use to communicate with each other. Sounds like the BCM (body control module) fell of the bus. This could be caused by something connected to the BCM like the radio, or the BCM may be located before the ABS controller on the bus and the ABS controller has a fault.

First take your truck to some place like Schucks or Autozone and get the codes read. Post them back here for further diagnosis.

You in Scappoose Oregon?



It sounds to me that there may have been a problem with the electrical power not getting to the BCM possibly. Perhaps a relay that switches power to those areas mentioned didn’t make good contact at the time. My first check would be to look for a power delivery problem at least. Since the gauges didn’t work that may be the best clue to where to look for the trouble. Check to see how the power ties to them.


Thanks for your note. No, the owner’s manual says to heed all warnings, but doesn’t mention this one.




Thanks for your note. I’m in Scappoose, Oregon and called the local NAPA store before checking for replies here. He said he hadn’t heard of the failure before but cautioned against driving it. I think there is a Schucks in St. Helen’s. I’ll give them a call.




Thanks for your note. I thought of power delivery, too, and will start there.



It is highly possible that a defect in the clock spring for the airbag is causing a communication issue on the serial bus. I believe that Chrysler issued a recall for the clock spring on your truck. Has it been done? I will look up the recall number and post back.


Hey Matt
I have the same problem on my 01 dodge 3500 van. Please let me know how you resolved this issue.