03 Tahoe Z71 clicking from sterring column

I just purchased a '03 Tahoe Z71 with 55000 miles, and had to drive about an hours distance home from the dealership. On the drive home I noticed a clicking sound coming from the steering column/dash area. The sound is about the same loudness as the turn signal, and has a similar rhythmic quality, but is distinct from the turn signal sound. It is not always there, but seems to become noticable after driving for 10-15min. I have on occasion heard the sound when leaving the key in the ‘on’ position with the engine off while cleaning the interior. Any thoughts on what this could be and how to investigate further? Thanks for your help.

This could be the same problem that has plagued some other GM models- the HVAC mode actuator. It’s job is to move the mode door from floor to vents to defrost setting. Try selecting a different mode and see if the sound goes away during the transition. Post back and let us know what happens.

I did as you suggested and the clicking sound did stop during and after the transition. I think you have found the problem. Thank you!

What is the next step to fix this problem? Is this a project I can complete or is it best to have a service shop take care of it? Thanks again.

any ideas?

Arrgh! just typed in a long message and mis-hit a key and gone!!! Pardon the brevity this time around- Check with your local dealer to see if a TSB exists for your model. If so, you may be able to finagle them to cover some or all of the cost since it is a common issue. I know they revised the Trailblazer labor time significantly less due to a new tool they devised for better access. Beware if you’re quoted some unbelieveably long labor time and ask them to look into a revised procedure. I’ll see if I can find that reference for you and post it.

Changing it yourself will require access to a repair manual and some ingenuity to make a similar tool for extraction (or lengthy disassembly). I do all my own work but this is one example where I’d start at the dealer to see what kind of deal I could work out with them and/or GM service as a courtesy repair.

thank you so much for your help and valuable advice. i dont work on cars enough to even think about trying this, so i’ll be heading to the local dealership.

thanks again, i appreciate your generosity.