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2005 Chevy Tahoe Z71 2W

I have been driving my fianc??s 2005 Chevy Tahoe Z71 2W Sport package and have noticed that when I am making a turn I can feel a click/vibration in the steering wheel. Any ideas on what is causing this and is it something to be concerned about? He doesn?t notice it, but he has been the only one driving it for years.

i had the same problem in my 2004 volvo xc90. someone said it was the cv joints. they weren’t entirely sure because of the description.

If this happens only as you are turning the steering wheel, it could be dry (as in lacking grease) ball joints or tie rod ends. I’ll be replacing the upper ball joints in my Dakota this weekend- same symptom, and checking the front end led me to the bad parts…

you fell it in the steering wheel,ok can you feel it at low speeds say in a parking lot while turning the wheel and is it more like a clunk. if so i would say it is the intermediate shaft. i have changed and/or lubed no less than a 1000 of these. this is the shaft that connects the steering column to the shaft on the gear box under the hood. gm has a new design shaft out now that is dry, they have done away with the grease and are now using teflon inside these,now if this is the culprit,and of course w/o seeing it for myself i can make no promises, it is not dangerous just annoying. but there are other possibilities so have it looked at to ensure it is nothing dangerous.

I can feel it most when I am at low speeds and it could be described as a clunk or a slight jerk of the steering wheel. Thanks for the advice. My fianc? isn’t the most auto knowledgeable buy and doesn’t really pays attention to car issues but since my parents all work in the automotive industry I have always paid attention to things like this. I like to have an idea of what might be wrong with my cars before I take them in so I have a better understanding and won’t be taken just because I am a female. Thanks again everyone for your responses.