1989 Cadillac Brougham d'Elegance

“Jacqueline” has a click click click sound after she’s been sitting for a while that seems to be coming from her dashboard. When I had her checked out last year (or so) one garage said “new tires” the other “front end” and carheads “speedometer cable”. New tires, problem left but now it’s back and seems worse in the cold weather. Whenever I take a carhead for a glide on her “level-ride” she never makes a squeak. What do you think? Dangerous?

Maybe “her” is a “he” and is slightly insulted by the continued use of the incorrect gender? I’d click at you, too, if you called me a she.

I don’t think it’s dangerous. I think you should try pulling the trim rings off of the wheels and see if that does anything for you. GM used chrome trim rings whose clips would loosen up over time, and I’d bet if you took off those (plus the hubcaps) your clicking would be gone.

You don’t mention if the clicking speeds up with engine speed, speeds up with vehicle speed, or stays the same. If it is, in fact, coming directly from the dashboard, I would buy the speedometer idea. I don’t think, however, that this vehicle has a speedometer cable (GM was mostly electronic by then), and if it doesn’t, you can throw away that theory.

There is a possibility that what you’re hearing is “lifter tick”, which would be exacerbated in cold weather. Does Jack have a lot of miles on it?

I don’t consider myself a gender o’fender. If you saw her, you’d know. A bit streetwise, 72,000 miles, and tho’ missing a few jewels, she’s a Florida doll. We 're close. We take care of each other. She more than me. It’s time for payback.
OK, the clicking increases with vehicle speed, but only ends when it(is that better?) feels like it. I’ll check out “lifter tick” and the wheel clips. Thanks for your input.

I think Josh may have it with the wheel covers. Just take them all off for a while (assuming you have wheel covers and not alloy wheels.

If you find out it’s your wheel covers reinstall them but use clear silicone sealant where the wheel covers touch your rims. It will cause the wheel cover to bond tighter to your rim but you will still be able to remove them if you need to. Clean both surfaces before applying the sealant so it we bond better. Ive used this on wheel covers that are bought at Walmart on my sons car because he was loseing them all the time. Since doing this he has not lost one in over two years.

Also check to see if the centers of your wheel covers are lose. I had a clicking noise on the front of my Expedetion and all it was was the center cover had came lose. Tightened it up and no more noise.

I just know when I was young, my dad had a Corsica (which my brother still has) that ended up going to the dealer because he couldn’t find the ticking. They pried off the trim ring on the passenger side, used a flat bladed screw driver to spread the tangs on the clip, smacked it back in place, and it was problem solved. That became a monthly ritual and I have since heard of it on other GM cars.