Clicking noise in front on 2001 Impala

I have a clicking noise in the frontend on my 01 impala. Ive checked the front joints on axle and seems to be very little play. I heard someone say they had trouble with the lower steering shaft, or maybe the engine mounts? Have you any idea

Only when moving, or all the time?

There Have Been Problems With The Intermediate Steering Shaft.

This shaft has universal joints and a greased sliding component. It connects the steering column shaft to the steering rack. The symptoms are a “popping” (more clunking than clicking) sound when turning the steering wheel, even when moving very slowly or stopped. You can sometimes slightly feel it being transferred through the steering wheel to your hands. I have not heard of this being dangerous, rather just annoying. It costs right around $200 parts/labor (part + about 1 hour) for replacement.

Stop by a GM dealer. Any technician or knowledgeable advisor can tell if that’s it in a matter of seconds. The replacement part has supposedly been improved to be a more permanent solution.

Does that sound like a possibility?


If the Impala has plastic wheel covers, remove them and see if the clicking stops. I had the same problem with a 98 Windstar, thought it was the CV joint going bad. It turned out to be the wheel covers.

Ed B.

how long has this been going on & have you checked the tire treads for stones?