02 Honda oddessy starting issues

Hey everybody i have a question with my 02 honda oddessy i am a school teacher and every mourning i go to start my van and it takes at least three trys before it will start my battery is fine just wondering if u have answers please need ur help.thanks

The next morning when you go to start your vehicle, just turn the ignition switch to the ON position (dash lights come on) for a second or two and then turn the ignition switch to the OFF position. Repeat this a half a dozen times and then try starting the engine. If the engine starts right up, have the fuel pump pressure tested.


What are “trys”? Is a “try” getting the engine to crank (turn over)? Is a “try” having the engine to actually begin to run after you have successfully gotten it to crank (turn over)? Your detailed answers can predicate a more precise solution proposal.

yes a crank is getting it to turn over but it doesnt start please help.

Did you do as Tester advised? His procedure is a way to get the fuel pressure up. It’s just a “try”. No one knows if a lack of fuel pressure is THE cause. Fuel pressure hasn’t been measured.
More questions: when the engine cranks, does it crank robustly, or, does it crank weakly? If the weather is not too cold for dew to form, is the difficult-to-start condition more pronounced in the mornings when the dew is the heaviest? Have the spark plugs been changed recently? If not…you know. Tell me that that’s not the original battery. If it is, it needs to be retired.
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It cranks just fine till about the thrid or fouth try if i have to go that far to get the van to start.Yes i have checked the battery and spark plugs. And put new ones in and doesnt seem to affect the van. Thanks for ur help so far