Car trouble starting in cold

We are getting hit again here in Indy with harsh temps. So far this winter my 2002 Kia Sedona Mini van has handled it pretty well, until this morning. I went out to start it and it wouldn’t. Well it finally did but took a while. Normally I get in turn the key and it starts. This monrning I tried that it started then died. I tried to restart and it would turn over but not start. This continued for a few minutes until I had to pump the pedel and keep it depressed a little before it would start. Once it started I gave it a little gas and everything was okay and it ran just fine. Any idea what might have been the cause to this early monrning cold starting issue?

Try turning the key on and let the fuel run until it shuts off. Go through this routine several times. After that the vehicle should start right up. Pumping the pedal will not work on a fuel injected vehicle. It might let a little more air into the plenum but that’s all.

How many miles on it? How old are the plugs and wires? Filters? Etc.

To clarify what missileman was saying about letting the fuel run, when you turn the key to the run position - the point where all of the dash lights come on - the fuel pump runs for 2-3 seconds to prime the system. Normally this is plenty, but if your pump isn’t building pressure well or holding fuel & pressure well in the fuel rail then you end up without enough fuel to start it. So if you do a run-off-run-off-run-off a bunch of times without cranking it should ensure that the fuel rail gets up to full pressure.

Doing something with the “gas” pedal (which as noted is really an “air” pedal) would be relevant if there was reason to suspect that the engine was flooding from something like leaking fuel injectors. In this case, if you floor the pedal and hold it floored on most cars this shuts down the fuel injectors and allows the flood to clear.

press gas pedal to floor as you crank motor. it will help clear flooded cylinders.