01 dodge grand caravan es starting issues

Hey everbody just wonder what i should do for my es my daughter has been driving it for the past two weeks because her normal car a mazda 626 broke and wont start but that is not my question she says every time she starts the van in the mourning she has trouble she said one day it took her 3-4 tryes before it started and said it only happens in the mourning the tempature the past two weeks has been 20-25 degrees just wondering what the problem is thanks if anybody else has the same van please help or nows any thing please help thanks.

my question is about the van not the car and normaly in the mouring it takes her 2-3 tryies thanks for ur help.

Try this next time. Turn the key to ‘ON’ (dash lights coming on), but do not try to start it. Keep it there for 5 seconds, then turn off the ignition for 5 seconds. Then try to start. If it starts, then the check ball in the fuel pump that is suppose to old the fuel pressure is not working right, or a fuel injector is leaking.

This trick will activate the fuel pump for a few seconds. A timer will shut off the pump after about 2-3 seconds, and turning off the ignition for a few seconds will reset the timer. This will re-pressurize the fuel system before you try to start it.

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ok thnaks whats with the timing though why does it only do it in the mourning.what if that doesnt work what then thanks for ur help
this is what my van looks like.http://www.autotrader.com/ac-servlets/vehiclebrochure/brochure.pdf?car_id=236928575&dealer_id=66621
it is the right color and model if u need to see it is mine before i brought it.

still the same result any new ideas thanks for help.


When was the last time the plug wires were replaced? While you are at it, how about the plugs air and fuel filters?

ok I will do that … nope nothing still the smae result and tune up does nothing thanks for help .

The engine coolant temperature sensor (cts) indicates the engine temperature to the engine computer. The engine computer uses this information to order the fuel injectors to spray a richer fuel mixture into the engine. If the cts mis-informs the computer, the computer won’t order as rich a fuel mixture, and the engine may not start.
You can check the cts with a voltmeter set on ohms. With the engine cold, read the ohms across the cts terminals. The resistance value should match the value listed in the repair manual. If not, replace the cts. Here’s what the cts looks like http://www.autozone.com/N,15900113/shopping/partTypeResultSet.htm

ok i will try that and get back to you thanks kit.

It didnt work anynoe help please do u think i should sell the van.

WHAT didn’t work?

The sensor indicter thing didnt work it still took 4 tryies to start the van .Help please.