2002 Durango Steering play and noise

I have a 2002 Durango 2WD about 115000 miles. I have steering noise and some play. I can hear the noise when the truck is park and move the wheel from side to side about an inch. I had the upper ball joints replace, outer tie-rods and wheel bearings some time ago. Could this be the gear box. I now this trucks are notorius for ball joint problems if it says Durango in the back yeah your ball joins are bad. At the moment I am parking the truck and have it check over the weekend.

Thanks for any advice.

You never said what kind of noise it is.

A bad ball joint is a possibility. There are also inner tie rods. Then there is actual play in the rack. Any good alignment shop should have little trouble giving you the scoop.

Thx, have the truck check today. Inner Tie rods are bad. I have a new project for the weekend.