Truck intermediate shaft steering clunking

Gm pick up trucks have been having this recurring issue for years.

The solution years ago was to dissemble the half-shaft and grease the coupling.

This is getting old fast ,as my 2004 GMC pkup is ready for another trip to the garage.

I’m wondering if GM has come up with permanent fix.

You need a different shaft to correct this.

There are aftermarket shafts for about $200-$300.

I read about them on this forum a while back. You can try a search for it.

Thanks I’ll call the dealer this week also.
Kinda expensive for a manufacturing defect.

Grampy, I Believe A Revised GM Part Is Available For Your Truck. At First There Was Only The Solution You Describe, But Check With GM On A Revised GM Shaft.
The part should probably only cost about $125 and requires about an hour labor, I’m guessing. Your dealer probably stocks the shaft for your truck.

I have had intermediate steering shafts replaced on a Chevrolet car and a Pontiac using the revised GM shaft and the clunking problem was solved.


Thanks for your reply , roadrunner and common sense.

I called my dealer and the cost is $160 to replace. No good will gesture fix.

follow up,

I just had the shaft replaced by my local mechanic. $130

Grampy, Did You Use The New (Revised) GM I.S. Shaft?

Is it like driving a new truck, now?


Yes to both questions.