03 toyota celica gts


how do I disarm the car alarm since I don’t have the clicker to gain entry to the vehicle?


From the owners manual for my 2002 Sonata:

1: Unlock the door with the key, which will cause the alarm to be activated.

2:Insert key in ignition & turn the key to the “on” position.

3: Wait for 30 seconds.

After completing the steps above the system will be disarmed.

What does your owners manual say?


My best guess is that the Owner’s Manual is in the glove compartment of the vehicle to which the OP cannot gain entry. ;-(

While I am usually the first one to suggest reading the manual, something tells me that this is not possible in the OP’s current situation, and that he/she is hoping that someone who owns a Toyota of that vintage can reference their manual for him/her.


Yeah, odds are the manual is in the glove box.

Best case scenario on this is that the Celica will disarm the same as my Sonata, by simply turning the key in the ignition. Odds are it will.

Worst case is the OP will need to listen to the miserable/PITA alarm for a couple of minutes while finding the solution in the owners manual.

Or an even worse case scenario would be that the “owners manual has been discarded to make room for more important items.”

I had to laugh when I read that comment on another thread a couple of months ago.