Jeep Cherokee no fuel

I have a 97 grand Cherokee. Just died out while driving. Will start on starting fluid but quickly dies after you stop spraying. Not getting a lot of pressure at the fuel bar. Replaced the fuel pump and regulator and still the same problem. A few months ago I replaced the PCM and crank sensor but knowing it starts with starter fluid I do believe it not electrical and has to be fuel related. Read a bunch of forums and ses like a common problem… Please help

Did you change the filter?

There is no filter with this model. There is a screen at the bottom of the pump. I changed the fuel pump motor and the fuel regulator

Is the pump circuit hot? Find the relay and probe the connections.

Check these out.

Power for the pump is supplied at pin 30 and defaults to 87a which is a blank hole in your harness. when power and ground are made to pins 85 and 86 the relay moves the contact from 87a to 87 sending current to the pump.

I have power to the pump. I hear it turn on when I turn the key. I also jumped the relay with a wire and it stays on all the time.

What is the fuel pressure?

Have not put a pressure gauge on it but I did push in the shrader valve and did not spray out like I think it should. From my understanding this should have like 25 psi. The fuel just came out and ran down my thumb. Even when I had somebody cranking it over while I pressed the valve in

Are you sure it don’t have a filter. I had a Ford that the books all say it only had 1 but mine had 2. 1 was so plugged it would not run. It was hid good too. Over the axel and be hind a cover. Could line be plugged? Its that or the new pump is bad.

Sure it has no filter. Followed line all the way to the engine. I’m going to disconnect at the fuel bar with a special tool and trace back to tank. Maybe it’s clogged?. Or maybe bite the bullet and bring it to a mechanic. I will NEVER buy a Chrysler product again!

I would do as you plan - disconnect the line & check for blockage before anything else.

Then I’d wonder about the new pump. Lots of replacement parts are bad off the shelf these days. However, it would be odd if your problem has remained exactly the same with both pumps.

The pump plumbing could be the problem. When the new pump was installed was the short connector hose replaced? Were the clamps on that hose secured?

Yes I changed the hose inside the pump( the one from the pump motor to the regulator) and put new clamps on. The only thing I didn’t change was the screen at the bottom of the pump. I did spary it with brake cleaner and seemed clean.

Replace the screen. I don’t think you can clean them.

I did order one today. I hate to think I have to drop the tank again but after three times I guess I will be a pro. It will be in on Tuesday. We will see then. If that doesn’t work I might brake the line down in different sections starting from the tank and make sure I have good pressure all the way to the fuel bar. Napa says I should have 49 lbs psi

Ok I finally figured it out. It was the screen at the bottom of the fuel pump. Plenty of pressure at the fuel bar