01 Yukon XL 1500 Gear selecter issue

My vehicle as of the last couple of days started to have difficulty shifting from park to reverse or drive and back again. Once in gear it drives as it should. Is this something chronic with this vehicle and does it sound like the “DREADED” transmission failing diagnosis?

Thanks for any help, this is our primary vehicle and is desperately needed.

As is the norm for most forums, we need more information.

When was the last tranny service done and WHAT was done?

Is the fluid up to the full mark as per the instructions on the dipstick?
Engine at operating temp (driven so as to warm up the tranny), vehicle on level ground with the shifter in PARK.

You say, once the shifter is indicating it’s in gear the tranny works fine?

Are you having a PHYSICALLY hard time to shift out of PARK?

If this IS the case, the parking pawl may be bent or the release solenoid at the brake pedal arm isn’t working to release the shifter.

If this isn’t the case, there may be something that needs adjusting or perhaps a shift solenoid is faulty.

After a little investigation, I found a broken spring at the base of the gear shifter. The shifter itself is really loose. It freely moves back and forth. Is this a complicated problem to fix or is this something I can do at home. I’m pretty good at working on my vehicles.

See, more information always helps. Your shifter is damaged, and not moving the shift linkage at the transmission properly. This is the root of your problem. The fix is going to be where you have a bad bushing that is causing the slop.

Is this a column shift or console shift? Console shift would be easier and cheaper to fix. Column shift is more difficult due to the shift mechanism being integrated to the steering column. If the problem is within the steering column, you may need to replace the entire column.

Hopefully, it is near the transmission linkage under the truck. That would be fairly quick and painless.

BK, this vehicle has a column shifter.

Until such time you receive a firm instruction for repair here, why not have a look at a Haynes repair manual for your truck (at any automotive store).

Libraries also have internet sites they use to help people out.

A check into autozone.com may also assist.

Hey thanks, I’m on it this morning…