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I have 99 GMC Yukon. Tonight when I got home it would not go into park… Please help

It could be a transmission issue, a linkage issue, or a column shift mechanism issue. When you put it in reverse, neutral, or drive, does the indicator point to the correct gear?

Please be more specific. Did the shifter on the steering column not move all the way up to the park position? Did the “PRND321” indicator show that the car was in park? Were you able to turn the key off and remove it? Does the car still roll when it’s in park? Does the shifter feel normal going through all the gears? Do reverse and drive work?

Be careful with this one. While you can still put the vehicle into drive, reverse, and neutral, get it to a shop and have them check the gear shift cable. On my Silverado, the gear shift started to work hard and I ignored it. When it went I was in the Adirondacks far from a shop and could not put it into any gear. The shift cable on GM trucks starts to bind and eventually freezes or breaks, and you are unable to get the vehicle out of whatever gear it happens to be in when it goes. Then you will need to pay for a tow. The year of your truck makes this a strong possibility.

They have to take the steering column apart to connect at that end, and the part only comes from GM.

I have seen a stone thrown up from the road jam the shift lever on the transmission…