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Lincoln Town Car will not shift back into park

This just happened today. The car will no longer shift pack into park, all the way up the car is still in reverse. All other gears are working fine. What could be wrong with it?

Test the car while up on a hoist to determine if it’s a cable, clip, lever, shift tube or transmission issue.
What year is the car ?

Most common is the shift tube in the column, then shif cable.

With the car on a lift, inspect the area where the cable connects to the lever on the transmission. Rocks or stones can be kicked up and get lodged behind this lever, jamming the linkage…Do NOT try to force the shift lever into Park…

what year lincoln

Most common problem is the two torx bolts at the bottom of the column. These two bolts come loose and cause the shifter arm that moves the cable to have very limited motion. Very easy to check. Find the end of the shift cable under the dash. The end of that cable is attached to the arm that the two torx bolts come loose on.

Thank you guys, I will check the torx bolts and the lever tomorrow morning. both sound very reasonable considering the problem. I really didn’t think it was a serious issue. Thanks again, I will post what I find.