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01 Impala whines with acceleration

Recently started whining with acceleration, stops when stop accelerating. At first was only at highway speeds, but Hubby got the power steering pump replaced, thinking this was the problem–and now it even does it at slow acceleration speeds. What next?

Is it a high pitched whine? Does it tick tick tick as well? Can you describe it a little? Thanks

retension the belt, and check the other bearings on the other things the belt drives.

Yes, high pitched–and getting slightly louder. At first, could not hear over radio. Now is easily audible. No tick tick that I have noticed. As an aside–and may not be related, but have noticed that my cruise control will automatically turn off at the same 2 spots on the drive to work every morning. Both areas are just after cresting small hills. Like I said, probably not related, but don’t want to leave out any potential clues.