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Oil change on high mileage Camry

I have a 2008 Toyota Camry XLE V6 with 110K miles in great condition! I'm at the Toyota dealership for oil change and tire rotation. I know I can get that any where but convenience is more important this morning.

I asked the attendant if they would use high mileage oil. She said "my guys do not believe in using high mileage oil". She did not know why they "believed" this way. They just use what Toyota recommends or synthetic oil she said.

Can anyone tell me if high mileage oil has any value?



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    " I have a 2008 Toyota Camry XLE V6 with 110K miles in great condition! "

    Is The Car Leaking Or Consuming Oil ?
    Are You Adding Any Between Chnages ?
    If "Yes," How Much ?

    If it's in great condition and not leaking or consuming oil then I'd say it doesn't need anything other than what the manufacturer specifies. Does Toyota specify High-Mileage Oil at 100,000 miles ?

  • Your Camry is not "high mileage" in my opinion. High mileage oil simply has some additives in it that is supposed to swell seals and gaskets to reduce leaks and burning of oil. Valve seals in particular is the target for high mileage oil.

    If you are not burning oil between oil changes, or if you have to add oil at the 2000 mile mark between changes your car is fine. If you see a strong puff of blue smoke when you first start the car after sitting overnight that is another symptom of a car with leaking valve guides where a "high mileage" oil might help.

    I suspect a regular oil will be fine in your Camry. High Mileage oil is more marketing than any real advantages, and therefore a justification for a higher price. A few pennies of additive for several extra dollars at the cash register.
  • 110k isn't really high mileage, 220k? Yeah probably. To me high mileage is 300k + but it's a subjective issue. Regardless, just use the oil specified in the owner's manual and keep rocking on. It sounds like the shop you patronize has the right idea.

  • I don't use high mileage oil in my 140k. Only if you have leaks and burning is it worth considering.
  • +1 for everyone. You don't need high mileage oil yet.
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    You would think a dealership and the owners manual would know for sure. No need to apologize for using a dealership. I use mine in the winter and their prices are competitive with with anyone's. And, sometimes they seem to know more than the chains.
  • Uncle Turbo explained what "high mileage" oil allegedly is, but I honestly think it's just marketing hooey. Use the oil specified in your owner's manual. If you feel like you'd like to "hedge your bet" with something a bit better, you can use "blended" or "synthetic" oil. But if you do, still maintain the schedule recommended in the owner's manual.
  • I don't use it and I have vehicles with up to 255k right now. They all do fine on the recommended oil.
  • Agree; unless the car has extremely high mileage and is leaking oil through seals, don't use "High Mileage" oil.
  • High mileage oil isn't "Hooey". When the sons Jeep started leaking oil from the rear main seal he started using one of these high milege oils and sure enough the oil leak stopped. But as soon as he stopped using the high mileage oil the leak reappeared.

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