High mileage oil change for 98 Camry



I just came back from a Firestone oil change. What used to cost at most $20, now costs over $32. Mechanic says I need High mileage oil with seal max, and labor is also higher. For the past 5 years, I drive car only about 7,000 miles/yr. Is high mileage oil a version of automotive snake oil? I have about 64K miles on it.


Its a ploy to make more money. Kindly ask for the regular oil change. High mileage motor can help motors on their last legs however if your engine does not burn/consume any use the regular stuff. Make sure to check it every 3 fuel fillups or so to keep your engine’s health.


Your car doesn’t need high mileage oil, and neither does anyone else’s. It’s marketing, that’s all. Tell the mechanic you want only regular motor oil, and if he argues find a new mechanic.


By the way, Firestone is a good place shop for tires, but that’s all. Find an independent mechanic to work on your car. The chain places are all about maximizing profit on each visit, not developing customer relationships.


64K is not yet considered high mileage in my book. 100K & above is. 2 of my cars are over 130K. I use regular oil, change oil/oil filter every 3K.


Walk away and find a real service center.


High mileage oil is a marketing ploy. The mechanic is using it as a revenue generator.

In another 200,000 miles, when your engine is truely high mileage, IF, and only if, you’re starting to burn oil, you can try a heavier base weight. Post back at that time. We’ll wait around.

"High mileage" oil is for very tired worn engines.  At 64,000 miles yours should have a long way to go to get there.  It does not protect a good engine, it just gets a few more miles out of a really worn engine. 

I would look for a new mechanic.  Just don't make it one of those quick oil change places.


Do it yourself with the oil recommended by the manufacturer. The filter will ccost about $4, and 5 quarts of good quality oil should be about $2 each . . . a $14 oil change. It’s easy and you will get a good feeling when you work on your own car. 64,000 (if maintained regularly) is a low mileage car. Rocketman