Buying a car with high miles

I’m looking to buy a 2007 Camry XLE with 64000 miles. I drive about 15000 miles a year. So I wonder, is it wise to purchase a car with this many miles.

64,000 that’s all ?? But that’s a lot for just one year old. Have the systems checked out by your mechanic and you should be good to go. ( an explorer in my shop today only for a tune up…346,759 miles and no other problems )

The likely case is those are highway miles which are very easy on a car. If the price break is good enough and it check out got for it.

64K is not considered high mileage on a Camry. 264K is high mileage on a Camry.

The car was obviously highway driven, and assuming the maintenance schedule has been followed, should be nearly as good as new.

I believe it can be a wise move if the “high” miles is saving you considerable money over another 2007, similarly equipped, with fewer miles. The miles wouldn’t necessarily scare me, but the savings have to be very substantial.

It may not be, if the car was not properly taken care of, or if the savings isn’t all that great or the car was in a “serious” collision, fire, flood, etc.

What does it need to have done compared with a “normal” miles 2007? Does it need tires, brakes, is it close to needed maintenance items, like timing belt, transmission service, etc?

Is there any warranty left of any kind, like drive train, extended warranty, etc?

These things have to be considered to see what the real savings would be.

What vouches for the car’s condition and maintenance history? Do you know the car’s owner, is it a “certified” used car? Does the owner have a complete Maintenance history? Why are they selling?

Has it under gone a complete inspection by a competent technician that is familiar with this model and its idiosyncrasies?
A list of “needs now” and “needs soon” items, professionally prepared, would be helpful.

Spending money to have this car properly evaluated may be money well spent whether it results in your purchase or your decision to pass on it. We are talking a pretty good “chunk of change” here with a car only 2 model years old.

I agree with Ken. If this car hasn’t been flooded, and has had its oil changed at reasonable times, and does not have sludge, 64,000 miles is not much for a Toyota.

As recommended, have a mechanic check it out. Somewhere on cartalk is mechanics files, and they will have reports from customers for good mechanics.

It would have helped if you said how much they want. There should be some discount for use from new price for that many miles, not just a few hundred dollars.

Biggest thing here is mcparadise stated…is the maintenance record. Sounds like the previous owner just leased it for a year. Probably was in sales.

I knew a guy that would lease a new car every year…HOWEVER…he did 0 maintenance. Racked on about 50k miles and NEVER EVER changed the oil or filter or any maintenance what-so-ever. I sure wouldn’t want to be the next owner.