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High mileage oil

When I get my oil changed, I’m ask if I want a high mileage oil. What is it and does it matter? I use 5-30 oil in my 1996 Toyota Corolla with 146.000 miles, well maintained and runs great. Thanks everyone.

If you have no leaks, and no morning blue puff of smoke, there’s no need for that oil. It swells seals to reduce leaks, nothing more.

It’s an attempt to get more of your money for something you don’t need. Tell them to use the oil specified in the owner’s manual, and nothing else.

My '88 Escort Pony is at 517K miles and I don’t use high mileage oil. Maybe I’ll consider it when it hits 1,000,000 miles. lol

My '89 Honda Accord is at 532,000 and I don’t use high mileage either. Great job FordMan59! Rocketman

I use high mileage oil in my car, but if you aren’t having any problems (burning or leaking oil), normal oil should be fine.

Never used it never seen the need. 3+ vehicles over 300k miles…never burned any oil either.

Agree with above.
As with most “remedies”, if you’re not experiencing the problem it’s intended to fix…you don’t need it.

My co-worker’s old jeep needs it …and it works great there.

Why not use the high mileage oil to prevent a potential leak?

I’d rather not, note that it works by swelling the seals, any alteration of a working seal could just as easily create a leak, rather than prevent one.

"Why not use the high mileage oil to prevent a potential leak? "

How will it prevent it??

To prevent potential leaks…the best thing you can do is change your oil regulary with good oil…also change the filter.

“Why not use the high mileage oil to prevent a potential leak?”

…because it stops or slows leaks by making the seals swell. If your seals are in good shape now, and you use an oil that makes them swell, you might, possibly, shorten the life of the seals.

…and because it costs more. Why throw money at a problem that doesn’t exist?