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2015 Camry, purchased April, 2015, now at 104,000

Continue using Mobil-1 0W-20 engine oil, or switch to their “High-Mileage” (75,000-mile) engine oil?
Most miles highway and interstates transporting blood to distant hospitals.

Thank you.


Your driving is next to “ideal”, and engine wear is only a fraction per miles of what daily commuter cars incur.

No need to switch to a “High Mileage” oil; you would only do that with increased engine wear and having oil leaks. The extra ingredient is basically an additive to swell the seals on aging engines.

When you get to 300,000 miles and up you may reconsider the situation. Your type of driving can reach 500,000 miles before significant engine wear occurs. Just change the oil and filter on time.

Unless it’s leaking or burning a substantial amount of oil stick with “regular”.

Why pay extra to import that “Mobile1” motor oil from Alabama?
I would suggest that you use Mobil-1, which is available in all states.

^ Corrected!
Thank you, all. My thinking the same. Gentle accelerations and constant speeds.
Our 2008 Camry hybrid was at 297k when it was suggested we buy another.
Originally for wife to drive in town, it wound up being used most for long distance deliveries.

“…High-Mileage” (75,000-mile) engine oil…"

I consider that oil to be for older cars that have consumption or leaking issues, not for a year-old car in good shape with a ton of highway miles.

@Robert Gift
Any problems with consumption or leaks?

^ Just me.

"Just me."
Sorry, I don’t have advice for that. :wink:

Continue using what the manufacturer recommends and check the level regularly. Extra expense for “high mileage” oil in an engine that’s running great is a waste of money.

As regards the Camry, who suggested you replace it? Someone with a financial interest in your doing so (like a dealer)?

State Patrol trooper.
Also asked a man who sells used cars and loves Toyota. (He had no involvement with the Camry.)
I would like to have kept it since I take excellent care of it.
(Returning from a long drive, I drain the hot oil while doing chores.
Then clean everything spotless before installing new oil filter.)

What would cause a state trooper to recommend that you replace your car?

@RobertGrift That’s what DEPENDS are for.

Concerned about the Camry’s duties and 250k mileage, I asked the State Trooper about it.

Depends are now carried in the emergenyehicles.
Was called to take blood, stat, to a hospital 16 miles away.
After delivery I’ll use the lab’s bathroom.

Arrive to pick up blood, am ordered instead to another hospital 102 miles away, emergent.
“Child bleeding out in trauma surgery.” they hand two boxes to me.
30 minutes from that hospital, terrible pain and pressure is building.

I plan to call the blood bank asking someone to meet the vehicle at the employee entrance.
All the windows will be down and I will be covered with a blanket.
Nearing the hospital, the pain/pressure subsided enough that I carried the boxes to the blood bank. Made it to their restroom and exploded.

I Was Told By A Person, Who Had Found Out The Hard Way, To Never Travel With A Full Bladder. He Was Involved In A Collision And Had A Bad Injury, Not Directly From The Collision, But Only Because He Had A Full Bladder.
I would imagine that a seat belt pull could cause injury, too.

He said, “Never again.” The next time he needs to “go,” he is going to "go."

^ Understood. We have a bottle which I am unfortunately accomplished at using.
I did not expect the digestive pain and pressure to become so great.
Had they not handed the boxes to me, I would have used their facilities while waiting.
Horrible. So thankful that everything did not come out alright in the end.

Understood. We have a bottle which I am unfortunately accomplished at using.

And probably at 100 MPH on tires that are over inflated by at least 30% and all while dodging buffalo and cattle. BRAVO !!

They don’t call it the “Wild West” for nothin’.
Not sure if I ever used the bottle while driving emergent.
Slowed way down and turned the light bar off before nearing the buffalo.
Also slow for blind curves. A 2-1/2 foot diameter rock was in our lane which we gracefully went around.
Immediately reported it to State Patrol. On return we discover a vehicle plowed into the rock.

I don’t believe the service manual would recommend a high mileage oil so go with that. Even my 500,000 mile Buick just used standard Mobil. I still can’t for the life of me figure out why Colorado hasn’t started using helicopters for emergencies. A lot faster and don’t have to worry about closed snow blocked roads. I hope if I’m in an emergency its someplace where they have helicopters.

^ Many times weather grounds thelicopter.
When I was in paramedic training, to fly on Fright-for-Life.
Even though the sky is crystal clear above the clouds, the pilot must be able to see the ground.
Apparently this is so s/he can see where to land if an engine failure.
(They can autorotate where descending through air spins the rotor. Just before reaching ground, the rotor pitch is changed to create downward thrust and land gently.)