Sensitive High Mileage Vehicle



I have a 1997 Toyota Camry with high mileage on it. I want to know what is the best oil and gas to put in this car?


Best gas is cheapest.

The best oil is the one that meets spec which is likely any modern oil. Changing it at proper intervals is significantly more important than brand.


High or low mileage makes no difference. Unless the oil pressure is dropping, you just use the same stuff you have been using all along. It should be what ever meets or exceeds the manufacturers SAE recommendations and the same weight recommended.

Best fuel is the cheapest that meets the minimum octane rating specified for your engine.

Beyond that it is all hype and advertising.


The above two chaps have given you good advice. That says it all.


You cant get better avdice then you’ve already gotten. I’d listen if it were me.


The same oil and gas that got the Camry to its current high mileage will continue to do their jobs as they have in the past. There is no need for “special” oil in a high-mileage vehicle. That’s just marketing.

Camrys run on regular gas. That’s one of the nice things about them. Putting anything else in the tank is a waste of money, and won’t do a thing to “help” the car.