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removing sticker residue from windshield

What household products, if any, can be used to get rid of sticker goo from the inside of my windshield? Would a commercial product like goo-gone get the job done? Any other suggestions?
<br/> jmw


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    Goo-gone will work, but don't let any get on the dashboard or other interior surfaces.

    A razor blade might work, too.
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    GooGone is my residue remover of choice. Any cleanser with a citrus additive should work also, but you'll need to then clean the citrus residue off with Windex.
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    Fingernail polish remover (acetone) will do it in seconds. Acetone will also attack the plastics in your car, and might discolor the leather. I'd put on rubber gloves and pour some fingernail polish remover on a folded paper towel. Do this a few feet from the car. Squeeze out the extra on the driveway (don't squeeze too hard), and then rub the glue. You might need to hold the towel on the glue to soften it up. Turn the towel to a fresh side and remove the smeared stuff. Don't rub the rubber gaskets. They will dissolve slightly. It won't hurt the rubber, but could transfer to anything else the towel touches. You might follow up with rubbing alcohol. It will remove the smears, but won't damage anything else.
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    Best to use is a one of those window scrapers...the one with the razor-blade...A little bit of water and the blade will do a GREAT job.
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    WD40 on a shop rag will remove it every time.

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    Thanks everybody, I actually looked around and found some Windex with some citrus junk in it, took it right off and killed 2 birds with one stone.
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    I just wipe with a paper towel dampened with whatever solvent is handy, lighter fluid, toluene, M.E.K., xylene, all make quick work of sticker goo.
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    Glad you got it off. In the future, 3M makes adhesive remover and NEVER use a razor blade. Believe it or not it can scratch the glass.
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    Just so long as you are careful with those solvents. Most, I think, will attack the interior fascia parts.
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    Were the birds stuck to the residue?
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