Removing a Sticker

I have a sticker on the rear windshield (inside). Unfortunately, it overlaps a bit onto the rear defroster. The sticker has also left some of its color on the windshield. What is the best way to remove the sticky goo and the discoloration on the windshield?

Leave it alone! Let the sticker die its own death. And don’t mess with the grid for the rear window defroster.


I disabled part of a rear window defroster by scratching through the painted on circuit.

I agree with Tester. The chances are too good that you will damage the read defroster. Just live with it.

A Sticky Subject

I have had success with GOO GONE (buy it everywhere) by Magic American Corporation. I got what was left of a Harley Davidson “wing” sticker (after it aged and cracked and peeled) off the rear window grid of my Fiero. Fold up a cloth to a very small size and put on a couple of drops.

Get some and go to a “Take-it-off-yourself” auto recycling yard. Tell them you are looking for a (whatever you would like) and sneak back and try some on a grid similar to yours to make sure it won’t hurt it, first. Only do this on one that is damaged already or going to the crusher, of course. Plus, maybe you will find something for your car while you’re there, kind of a surprise.

Also, auto parts stores sell defogger grid paint that conducts electricity. I had a couple of “broken or scratched through” lines on one of my cars. I used masking tape to confine the stuff, brushed it on and Presto! All better! They used the stuff to repair cars at a dealer where I worked.

There are other sticker chemicals out there, too. Goo Gone has citrus and petroleum distillates. I think I have seen some that have only the citrus, but I don’t know if they’d work. I would swab the area with water or windex afterward.

Here’s Goo Gone’s link:

All good replies. If you try to remove it, you run the risk of breaking the rear defroster.

However, if you do decide to try it, do it when the rear window is very warm. Either park it directly in the sun or wave a hair dryer over the area. This will soften up the sticker’s glue - making it easier to remove.