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Bird turd (serious question)

I know this doesn’t really qualify as repair and maintenance, but I’m stumped and hoping someone here has a secret weapon.

I got two large “gifts” from some birds during the summer on my windshield. We live in Houston so it got quite hot and baked on the windshield pretty good. I went the next day to clean the stuff off, but the residue will not come off!

I’ve tried:






Hydrogen Peroxide

Driving in pounding rain with wipers

Scraping with a screwdriver covered with a wet shop towel

Sound ridiculous, right? But it won’t come off. Does anyone have any secret tip to remove the residue? I can’t believe it won’t get off of there.


Have you tried a plain old razor blade scraper??? Pre soak with hot water.

I suppose it could have etched the glass. I would suggest one additional DIY technique. Find someone who sells the original BonAmi cleanser (yellow container not gold. Give that a try. It is about as aggressive as you can get with out damaging the glass.

You might also look in to some of the products at the auto parts store for restoring head light lenses. [Why did we let the designer guys tell us we needed fancy looking plastic lenses on our cars rather than the old sealed beams.]

Thanks for the quick suggestions. I’ll give them a try.