Yukon "Traction Active" with moaning sounds!

For over a year now frequently when starting off from a stop light my 2004 Yukon starts emitting a moaning sound from the front, acts like it is starved for gasoline, and the “traction active” sign comes on. If I push down on the accelerator it seems to push through whatever is happening in a second or two, the “traction active” sign goes off and the car races a little until I back off the accelerator. Mechanics have been able to find nothing stored on the computer. I did pay to get a motion sensor on the right front wheel replaced to no avail. Now seems to happen more often than before. Is this a transmission, wheel sensors, or a computer chip problem? Or something else?

The traction active light means the car senses a wheel is spinning and cuts back on the power from the motor until the slipping stops. So, your system is working properly as far as that goes. If you are not on loose gravel or sand, then why is the signal that a wheel is spinning getting sent to the computer controller if in fact there is no spin?

My cars with traction control kick in pretty often as I am turning into a hill and accelerating to go up the hill. This is normal for my cars since a wheel is spinning on the loose gravel. I know of no adjustments you can make unless your SUV has a button to let you turn off the traction control. A faulty sensor, or bad connection could be behind your problem. Since these systems vary by mfg I’d take the SUV back to a dealer for diagnosis and repair.

This is happening on dry pavement (no gravel or ice), so if you are correct, then it is a sensor or connection problem. But strange that it happens only when taking off from a stop and in 1st or 2nd gear. Also–is the moaning sound part of a normal traction action?

Also–is the moaning sound part of a normal traction action?

Yes…That’s the anti-lock brakes trying to stop the wheel from spinning…have all the wheel-speed sensors checked…

O.K. will do that. Thanks