Your next pickup truck

…from Mercedes-Benz?

GM was not particularly successful with the Escalade EXT, and Lincoln’s Blackwood pickup was a disaster in terms of sales, but apparently Mercedes thinks that there is a market for a super-premium pickup truck. However, that market may not be in North America, based on their press release.

imoo it wont sell here. It will be overpriced. Its no secret MB makes heavy trucks so they could do it but this will be a truck for someone who has to have a truck so they can pat themselves on the back and say “look at my truck”

I dunno. Lot of competition here but they have a good truck and van business over the pond. Don’t know about the other countries mentioned but maybe they are trying to just fill the void in their truck business that they can’t fill now.

My next pickup truck is my 93 f250 once I replace the exhaust manifold a bolt rusted off, brake lines and oil pan. Got a cool plow! ok plow is rusty too.

That’s not as pick-up truck for the working man to haul stuff around in. That’s a show piece as @meaneyedcats mentioned.

No going to Home Depot and loading some concrete block or hauling that replacement engine from the junkyard in. This is for the guy that wants something to haul his ski boat to the lake or carry home that new recliner in…as long as it’s wrapped or in cardboard.


I don’t quite understand their “need” to build this truck

Benz already builds plenty of “work” trucks . . . NOT pickup trucks . . . which are well respected in many countries

These are utilitarian vehicles, basic and rugged, totally unlike the Benz vehicles that US buyers associate with Benz

They would be competing with the likes of Nissan and Toyota. Stiff competition . . .


Chinese target market??

I hadn’t thought about that, but you are likely correct.
The new-found wealth in China (and in Russia) are such that there are some people who are willing and able to spend incredible sums on vehicles.

Daimler Benz builds luxury vehicles for the U.S. market, but they sell a broader range of vehicles in other countries. It is not clear that it is a luxury vehicle, though it certainly could be. It would be a mistake to take on extremely popular trucks like the F series and Silverado. Daimler Benz can build a customer base elsewhere and decide later if they want to export the the U.S. That way their success will not hinge on acceptance here.

Not to take a sharp left turn, but I have noticed tons of Volvo tractor trailers on the road the last few years? I thought they were not very dependable and hard to work on. What’s up with that?

Volvo bought White and that gave them an instant dealer network. They also own Mack, and that helped their network, too.

I know this may be hard to swallow, but class 8 trucks are actually pretty reliable

They’re expected to rack up millions of miles in an economical fashion, unlike cars

Not only that, but most fleets tend to maintain their trucks FAR better than even the most discriminating car owner. They have strict maintenance schedules, and they’re actually followed, unlike car owners who skip their timing belt changes

Probably because they are protecting their investment, and these trucks are necessary to keep a company profitable

Ford and GM are doing a lot to entice car owners into pick up trucks. With highway mileage “officially” at 26 mpg with a 325 hp full size truck and gasoline under $2.50, a lot can be said for buying a truck. The new Colorado in reviews, rides and handles nearly as well as many frame less SUVS and has 305 hp. These are all tempting buys and has Toyota has found out, late comers have a long way to go to catch up. These things are like cars and don’t cost anywhere near as much as exotic trucks.

Even though I didn’t personally buy a first gen Colorado, we have them in our fleet, and I think they’re low quality

If I was a first gen Colorado owner, I’d have a rotten taste in my mouth, and it would take one heck of a salesman to get me to buy one of these new ones


@db4690 That is interesting. A friend has one, but was the upper end model. I did notice it had a regular steel bed. The base Toyotas look pretty “basic” too. How have they held up and run withthe four cylinder ?

Yeah I read that about the Colorado too. I thought it was a mistake to keep the name with a revised truck. Would have been better to start fresh rather than trying to counter bad press in my view.

In addition to db’s comment, large trucks are designed for quick and easy maintenance, including cylinder swaps. Any large truck manufacturer that made unreliable trucks would quickly be out of the market. The buyers are pure pragmatists, and they do their homework, unlike car buyers.

If pickup truck buyers were as pragmatic and knowledgeable as the decision makers in the large truck market, pickups would be designed differently too. But PU buyers are largely car buyers.

Maybe Benz has no problem with spending a fortune producing a pointless vehicle for the sole purpose of an engineering and “we’ll show you…” exercise.

I like the idea. But, then, I’m nuts!

In reality, I’d be surprised if this were for the U.S. market.

Hey, with Bentley making Crossover SUVs now, I suppose it’s hard to find a different idea. What if a sheik wants to go to the hardware store? Do you expect him to drive a Chebby?

Super premium pickups are everywhere. They go from $45,000 to $65,000. Two wheel drives are probably less money. I looked at a $48,000 Tundra the other day. Lots of rear seat room, up and down rear window, leather and carpeting.