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The new Mercedes pickup truck

The Lincoln Blackwood luxury pickup was a spectacular failure for Ford, so it remains to be seen whether this tarted-up Nissan–sporting a Mercedes badge and an inflated pricetag–will be successful.
Based on the information in the article, it is possible that Mercedes-Benz won’t even market their tarted-up Nissan in The US.


Just what we need, another pickup for people who don’t intend to haul anything.


Interesting. Same frame as Renault Alaskan, Wonder how many Europeans know You cannot buy the truck in the US.

But a fire extinguisher mounted on the dash? What were they thinking? Expecting a fire?

…and, there do seem to be a lot of those people, although I’m not sure if they exist outside of The US.

Will it matter to the customers that it is built by Nissan or Renault as opposed to MB? I suppose it is mildly interesting, but I doubt it will make it the USA since it is a midsize.

I predict that they’ll sell a few to wealthy conspicuous consumers, but not enough to sustain the model.
Tarting up lesser vehicles and jacking up the price has been tried more than once, and I cannot think of any case in which it’s worked long term. Consumers catch on quickly (heck, we already know and it hasn’t hit showrooms yet!) and the portion of the population wiling to pay extra for the name is limited.

But, hey, I’ve guessed wrong before… maybe there are more fools out there than I think! :scream:

Uuuh, Mountainbike, are you paying attention to the November elections? How many fools does it take to put a crook and an idiot on the ballot?

Yes, I am.
But this isn’t a political forum. I won’t comment on the elections or the candidates in this forum.

I agree this is NOT a political forum

But many of the regulars HAVE commented on various politicians, candidates, etc. over the years

Many times, in fact :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe your good example will rub off on me and some of the others :neutral_face:

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Bet those tires increase road noise a bit. Killer looking tires. Great for taking kids to soccer?

Tempted to say they might sound like a trumper tantrim, waa waa waa if you want my political take. OOPS did I say that outloud, sorry cq :cop:

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Those tires are just the ticket for the “Don’t put anything grimy in the bed of my pickup”/“No, I’ve never driven off-road” crowd that is likely to buy these trucks.

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I guess I don’t see it as a big deal. Politics, laws, regulations, etc. are part of the driving and living experience and a comment once in a while I don’t see as an issue. Getting heated about it is a problem though. You have to consider that 40% of the population believe one way and 40% believe the other way and not much movement so its just the 20% that has to think a little and decide. I thought we were going to have hot dogs for supper tonight but we didn’t. I go all the way back to the the late 50’s and ya gotta admit there has never been anything quite like this. Its historic.

I’m perfectly comfortable debating laws, the political bodies, and regulatory agencies on this forum as they relate to automobiles and driving, and I often do so. But I believe discussing them regarding issues unrelated to cars and driving takes the thread too far from its intended purpose. That’s taking too much latitude for my taste. :grimacing:


It’s difficult for me to see some of the farmers around here driving a Benz truck with a hayspike on the back, 14 bags of cattle feed piled on around it, and an old bird dog overseeing it all… :slight_smile:

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You’re thinking about a full size pickup, @ok4450. The Benz is a midsize. It would never make it on a farm as the primary hauler.

Actually the numbers are 30% and 25% with swing (independent voters) at 47%

Same conundrum here OK,
But I was thinking along the lines of my own hauling last week.
I don’t quite see this truck with ;
complete new 9’ garage door kit,
two 6’ step ladders,
small 2 drawer tool box ,
four screw-type C clamps,
four squeeze C clamps,
level, framing square, cordless drill/driver/charger/2nd battery,
three 10’ trim mouldings,
( hauled in the 79 . .could have put it all in the Expedition EL )

Preliminary specs show a 7000 lb towing capacity, could not find tongue weight, but did see they are using coil springs.

Night is dark-no its not. Depends on who you ask and what poll. Break out the popcorn though, it’ll be fun.

I have to believe there is some market for these things but don’t know if its enough for all the current players share in the wealth profitably. I see a lot (whatever the definition of a lot is-more than I’d like anyway) of the Lincoln and Caddy pick-ups. No idea why anyone would buy one but seems like some contractors use them as a status symbol for their high end customers. Must do good high end work if you show up in a leased Lincoln pick-up? Then you see them with the trailers heading to the lake with the boats or snow mobiles in tow.

A banker told me once that you wouldn’t believe how many of these guys with big houses and two expensive vehicles and the toys in the garage are under 40 year mortgages, everything leased, and one month away from bankruptcy. I’m sure the number has been trimmed over the past 8 years though. Still some can afford it but then a lot of people with a lot of money live in smaller houses and drive older vehicles.