You know your a car guy if

You stir your coffee with a screwdriver.

You wrap your lunch in tin foil and place it on the intake manifold to heat it.

You cook your lunch with a oxy/acetylene torch.


Think the oil on your hands makes KFC taste even better!

Gojo in the soap dispensers of all your bathrooms AND kitchen …

You fill up at half-a-tank so you can smell gasoline twice as often.

The only websites you ever visit are car related

you don’t even bother washing your hands before grabbing that sandwich

you actually like working on your family member’s cars

it doesn’t bother you that the expensive tool you just bought might get used but once a year

Your wife comes home to discover a carburator on the dining room table half disassembled, and is not surprised. (Or upset.) (Yes, I’m a very lucky man, and I know it!)

A second, slightly grease stained bottle of Dawn dishwashing soap by the kitchen sink due to the better half’s disillusionment with fingerprints on Bottle One.

Wet sanding a BMW motorcycle gas tank in the bathtub one Saturday night about 11 o’clock.

…you have a pizza cutter and ice cream scoop made by Snap On and bbq tools that say Craftsman.

…you sleep through 2 screaming kids and your alarm clock but the sound of a healthy camshaft and headers driving by gets you out of bed and to the window to see who it is.

…you look at the tool calendars, the ones with the topless girl leaning over a hot rod, and you couldn’t care less about the girl but keep talking about the engine.

…you visit this site more often than any other in your history?

If u leave door from house to garage open and put fan in door to blow a/c from house into garage while u work? Did it in winter too.

…you ask the boss for a long lunch hour so you can swap engines in your pride and joy. (Late 60’s) in this day and age…you would have to ask for a day off.

You find yourself reading a factory service manual section just because you’re curious.

…You recognize a Subaru by just the way it sounds when it starts…

You’ve worn OUT an impact wrench, and you don’t work as a mechanic…

You know what a camshaft bearing installation tool looks like, because you have one…

You have car parts in your house for a car you haven’t owned since before you moved to that house…

You own more sets of wheels and tires than you have cars…

Friends ask you if you want to buy their car that doesn’t run because it cost more to fix than its worth, and you actually BUY it!!!

You have a V8 short block (pistons removed!) to hold 8 wine bottles.

… If you have an engine block buried in the back yard…
'cuz the trash truck wouldn’t take it.

You have wind chimes outside the garage made from disc rotors.

You believe any discarded hub cap would make a great clock face.